During the divorce, you will need to make many far-reaching decisions that will impact you and your family. Finances are at the core of many, if not all, of them.  We concentrate exclusively on your finances and financial well-being, working in tandem with your attorney to help you reach a favorable settlement. While your lawyer oversees the legal issues, as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), we focus on your financial situation. Specializing in divorce financial planning, we get involved early-on and stay involved in the process, prioritizing and clarifying your financial information and concerns, as well as exploring and evaluating your settlement options.

Specific services include:

Business Valuation

When it comes to issues surrounding divorce, business valuation is often an important concern. The business may be considered marital property and as such, it is subject to division. In order to divide the business in a fair and equitable manner, however, the value of the business must be determined. We have extensive experience valuing privately-held businesses and testifying in court on those valuations.

Cataloguing Financial Information

Gathering all your financial information can be overwhelming, but it is a critical step in protecting your financial future. We work with you to amass and assemble this material into a full and precise view of your financial situation to help reach an equitable settlement. 

Budget & Cash Flow Analysis

Income and expenses for all parties will invariably change after a divorce. We create a detailed cash flow analysis and project a future budget to help ensure that your monthly cash inflows cover your monthly expenses. This information is also important in influencing spousal maintenance and child support decisions.

Analysis of Settlement Options

Georgia law does not require assets be divided equally between spouses. Since assets vary, it is critical to consider all aspects of a proposed divorce settlement. We explore your options and help you understand the financial and tax implications of each proposal. 

Insuring Your Financial Future

Terms of your financial settlement must be insured against the premature death or disability of your ex-spouse or you risk losing spousal support, child support, or college education funding. We make sure you have appropriate protection to guarantee your financial security. And once the divorce is finalized, we review your existing insurance coverage and offer any recommendations. 

Evaluating Tax Consequences

Different types of assets have different tax consequences. We help determine the after-tax value of all assets when analyzing the particulars of your financial situation. By determining the after-tax value, everything will be on an "apples to apples" basis for comparison purposes so that you can make the most informed decisions possible during your case. 

Updating Estate Documents

After the divorce is finalized, all estate documents must be brought up to date to reflect your new situation. We guide you in making sure all estate documents, including beneficiaries, advanced directives, and powers of attorney, are current.

Managing Your Wealth

Developing a financial plan following the divorce helps ensure an enjoyable future. Our sister company, Coastal Capital Management, will assist you in managing your assets and provide ongoing financial planning. Learn more at www.CoastalCapMgmt.com