Going through a divorce can be extremely emotional, difficult, and complex. Often stress stems from feelings of financial uncertainty. Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle through and after your divorce? Will your kids – especially their college education – be taken care of? Will you understand the financial pros and cons of a settlement proposal and be able to influence a favorable outcome? 

Continuous Guidance

Coastal Divorce Advisors offers you peace of mind by anticipating and addressing any disconcerting questions. As accredited Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA™), we are specially trained in divorce financial planning to support you and your attorney in navigating all the financial aspects of the divorce.

In most cases, financial planning happens following the divorce to help manage the assets in hand. Divorce financial planning, however, starts when the process starts to influence the settlement itself. With your financial interests in mind, we guide you every step of the way. We begin by delineating accurate financial information on which to base a settlement, including incorporating long-term projections into the decision-making. And all along the way, we clarify information, evaluate options, and strengthen your case to help secure the best possible long-term financial future.

Benefits of Divorce Financial Planning

  • Expert, specialized guidance
  • Strong, supported arguments
  • Long-term perspective
  • Informed decision-making